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get along (with) > To be on good terms; work well
get at >To imply
get away >To escape
get by >To manage to cope or to survive
get in >To enter
get off >To leave (bus, train, plane)
get on >To board (bus, train, plane)
get on with (something) >To continue to do; make progress
get on (well) with (somebody)> To have a good relationship with
get out >To leave
get out of >To avoid doing something
get over >To recover from (illness, disappointment)
get over >To recover from (illness, disappointment)
get rid of >To eliminate
get together >To meet each other
get up >To rise, leave bed
give in To cease opposition//To hand in; submit
give up >To stop doing something
go through> To experience
grow up >To spend one’s childhood; develop; become an adult

hand in >To submit (report, homework)
hand out >To distribute
hang out >To spend time in a particular place or with a group of friends
hang up >To end a phone conversation
hold on >To wait
hurry up >To be quick, act speedily

iron out >To resolve by discussion, eliminate differences

join in >To participate
join up >To engage in, become a member of

keep on>To continue doing something
keep up with>To stay at the same level as someone or something.
kick off >To begin, start

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